the blog

This space sets out to do two things:

1 Articulate the lessons learned & perspectives gained from an accidental 13-month journey into unconventional and “back” – all the while negotiating how to make “unconventional” a perpetual reality.

> It all started with my allowing myself  the freedom to zoom out of the fine-grain daily in order to see the “bigger picture” – that’s when my obsession with “why” came in quite handy. And this ride has just begun; a carefully haphazard mix of branching out and looking inward – where the world is the classroom and every person & experience the teacher – is still going strong.

Life lessons learned from: wide open spaces, perfectionism, loss, having too much of a good thing, failure, re-building, sharing, vulnerability, strength. Constantly repeating the process of unlearning & then re-learning, always questioning, always integrating.

2 Thoughtfully integrate current events & ideas across disciplines; in essense, be a tidy, narrated reflection of the rampages my brain oft goes on.

> A big idea presented in a keynote speech. The tiniest observation. An article. A viral video. A passing comment. Anything can trigger me to start weaving a thought-web – pulling in ideas, theories, quotes, “what about?“s and feelings from countless sources – from MTV to business moguls; from 4 year olds to expert researchers; from blogs to yoga practice.

A fascination with the human experience will drive content – expect cameos from psychology, design, UX, leadership, systems, technology, innovation, creativity, education, philanthropy, healthcare, mindfulness, development, culture, inspiration… and how they tangibly relate to everyday life.

• • •

It’s critical thinking. It’s about delving deeper. It’s trying to boil down to the very essence of things. It could will get meta.


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