the connector

Hi! I’m Humaira.

A unique perspective shaped by countless common inputs, driven by an insatiable curiosity as to how it all fits, and the uncontrollable urge to relate and cross-pollinate.

There is a space where broad disciplines like the arts, sciences, business and technology intersect – I call it psychology (a.k.a. the human experience). This is my home.

Me in three:

I come alive when I am the catalyst to someone’s achievement of self-defined success.
I love Bikram Yoga; can’t get enough. To me, it is a metaphor for life (and a good sweat!).
A self-professed life-nerd who LOVES to learn. Currently obsessed with: behaviour design, optimizing efficiency, issues of education reform, and effective intervention design (e.g. philanthropy).

My life’s work has been to integrate and reconcile every one of my roles and experiences into my foundation, my knowledge base. I am the dots among the supposed dichotomies, forgetting neither and being both:

mentor mentee  |  individualism collectivism  |   settled nomad

student teacher  |  organizer participant  |  guardian daughter

older sibling younger sibling  |  supervisor employee  |  perpetrator victim

South Asian Canadian  |  knowledgeable ignorant  |  child adult

artist scientist  |  professional  personal  |  inspired inspiration

I’ve been called “fluffy” and “obnoxiously positive” – which makes me laugh and oddly proud. I am a data-driven systems kind of girl who grumbles about the little things sometimes, just like everyone else. It’s just that I’m more aware than I’ve ever been before.

A snippet of my laundry-list of privileges, for example:

Living in breath-taking BC, Canada – and each of the basic rights and freedoms that grants me.
Where I am in space and time – a woman in a developed nation in the 21st century.
 Graduating from a world-class university that afforded me more than I could ever have imagined.
My family – four examples of incredible strength of character.
Owning my own home – clean, secure, and filled with comfort, laughter, and nourishment.
My physical and mental facilities: health & ability.
Overwhelming support, guidance, and inspiration – from a beautiful patchwork of people leaving essentially no gaps of want.
Attracting people of integrity, compassion, selflessness, and honesty. All incredibly smart. And good looking.
Having more than enough.*

*Remembering this gets tricky, sometimes. Whenever I do, though – that’s bliss.

Seriously?! If I’m not joyous about my life on the daily with all of the above, there’s something not quite right there. So, I choose to live it out loud, and share with anyone who appreciates (or doesn’t…).

I’m stopping now. If you’re not exhausted yet & want to know more… well then we should connect.

~ H

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